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CO™ Mobile Update Notes (Version 4.7.5)

CO™ Mobile Update Notes | Version 4.7.5

The latest update to CO™ Mobile delivers optimized performance and enhanced usability that furthers the flexible project management capabilities of UDA's family of products & services. Version 4.7.5 is now available for download via Apple & Android app stores. 


  • Optimized modal loading when editing Calendar Events to ensure fast response time and easy event management


  • Enhanced accessibility of option to "Duplicate Log"
  • Updated responsive availability of "Save" button, specifically to address instances where a Daily Log may fail to upload due to poor/unstable connection, the "Save" button remains consistently available for retry. 
  • Added the ability to "Delete" Daily Logs directly from within CO™ Mobile


  • Added "Search" function to the Teams tab in CO™ Time Tracking
  • Streamlined how CO™ Mobile handles Cost Costs when a Time Entry/Time Sheet is associated to a different Project and that Project does not have a Cost Code Set assigned or has a different Cost Code Set assigned
  • Enhanced "Search" for Cost Codes in Teams tab of CO™ Time Tracking


  • To sync CO™ Mobile Contact List with the Company Contact List in ConstructionOnline™ Proper, the user can now navigate to/from the Contacts feature in CO™ Mobile, pull the Contacts List down to "Refresh," or tap on the option to "Refresh Project Content" in CO™ Mobile Settings


  • Verified option to "Remember Me" consistently saves users' login details


  • Updated styling of Schedule Details UI


  • Updated styling of Cost Codes display to accentuate division headers
  • Added new option within CO™ Mobile Settings for Photo Upload Quality, so that users can choose the quality & speed at which they upload Photos via CO™ Mobile (Standard - Fastest v. Highest - Slower)
  • Resolved occurrence that allowed a user to open multiple Image Previews
  • Verified that links opened from a To Do email notification accurately routed users to the intended destination
  • Enhanced Video Uploads to ensure success in all instances on both iOS and Android


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