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Enhanced Tax Settings Now Available for Change Orders

UDA Technologies recently announced new customizable taxes for ConstructionOnline, and has now made these taxes available for use within change orders. Users will be able to designate taxes to both lump sum and multi-line change orders. These powerful new options combined with the capability to apply change order markups allow industry professionals to effectively keep track of all change order finances in one central location.


Standard Scales Now Available for Plans in Redline Takeoff

UDA Technologies is excited to announce that standard measurement scales will now be available for use within Redline Takeoff. Before creating takeoffs, construction professionals worldwide will be able to calibrate their document scale by choosing from a list of 30 standard scales. This feature will allow users to set the calibration in the event that no known measurements are available for reference.


New Excel Imports & Exports Available for ConstructionOnline Punch Lists & Checklists

UDA Technologies is proud to announce that Punch Lists and Checklists can now be imported and exported as Excel files to and from ConstructionOnline, the award-winning project management software. Users can access this heavily requested feature today by logging in to ConstructionOnline and navigating to their Punch Lists or Checklists. Once there, industry professionals will be able to:


New Lead Details Now Available in ConstructionOnline

ConstructionOnline, the #1 rated construction project management software for industry professionals worldwide, has upgraded the new Lead Details view to include even more at-a-glance information. Now ConstructionOnline users will benefit from the following new and upgraded tools accessible directly from the Lead Details page:


Fully Customizable Taxes Now Available Within ConstructionOnline Estimating

Industry professionals using ConstructionOnline now have access to a host of new settings related to estimate taxes. These new tax options allow users to add their own tax types and subtypes to fit any country or region. With this update, ConstructionOnline has added the following game-changing enhancements:


Enhanced QuickBooks Online Invoicing Available for ConstructionOnline

ConstructionOnline has recently streamlined the QuickBooks Online invoicing process to ensure your items and any markup are accurately recorded and synced between both systems. Our QuickBooks integration is continually updated to help you save time and avoid errors due to double entry. Our updated invoicing system gives you the power to:

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