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ConstructionOnline™ Adds New Options for Construction Calendars

Recent updates to UDA’s award-winning construction management software, ConstructionOnline™, offer improved calendar management options for construction companies. ConstructionOnline Company Users will find two new print options for the Calendars within the Lead Tracking feature and their ConstructionOnline Projects

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‘Search’ Functionality Expanded for ConstructionOnline Contacts & Lead Tracking

UDA recently announced enhanced ‘Search’ functionality for Contacts and Leads in ConstructionOnline. The latest update to the construction CRM software has introduced the option to search for Contacts and Leads in ConstructionOnline by Address.

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ConstructionOnline™ Lead Capture Form Updated to Collect Additional Lead Details

ConstructionOnline™ announced recent enhancements to the system's integrated Lead Capture Form which collects details from new leads online, immediately and automatically adding them to the Company Lead Pipeline. Required Fields for the Lead Capture Form now include First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, and the following Fields have been made Optional meaning they can be shown/hidden on the form and their placeholder text can be adjusted: Phone Number, Street Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, and Information Request. 

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Experience Increased Business Growth in 2023 with  Enhanced Sales Management & CRM Tools

As a part of ConstructionOnline™ 2023, UDA Technologies recently announced an impressive list of enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s award-winning CRM and Sales Management tools. Engineered to increase sales and client satisfaction, ConstructionOnline™ continues to improve its all-in-one sales management tools which offer construction companies tools to organize leads, future project opportunities, calendars & call logs, contacts, reporting, and more. 

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Enable Lead Capturing Option Added for Public Profiles in ConstructionOnline™

Expanding on the options available to construction pros through ConstructionOnline’s Public Profile feature, UDA Technologies recently released new Lead Capturing Settings. The new Lead Capturing Settings allow construction companies to make a web capture form specifically for potential clients available on their Public Profile.

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