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Faster, More Efficient Updates for Construction Checklists & Punch Lists

ConstructionOnline has expanded options for managing construction Checklists and Punch Lists with new functions that allow users to edit multiple Items & Item Issues in a single action. New bulk edit capabilities for Checklists and Punch Lists make regular updates to daily project tracking details faster and more efficient than ever.

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Multi-Select Capabilities Now Available for Construction Checklists & Punch Lists

ConstructionOnline™ recently announced the addition of multi-select capabilities for items included on project Checklists and Punch Lists. By allowing users the ability to select multiple items on a single Checklist or Punch List, ConstructionOnline™ further streamlines project task management, making it easier than ever to keep detailed data up-to-date.

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Punch Lists Now Available for ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals

Access to Punch Lists is now available for ClientLink™ Contacts through ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals. ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals create branded, custom logins for individual project clients to be able to access critical project information, and the addition of Punch Lists to this feature set enhances ConstructionOnline™ users’ communication & visibility with construction clients. 

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