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Project Tracking Reports Enhanced to Provide Further Customization for Construction Teams

Customizable Text Blocks Now Available for Construction Punch List Reports and Checklist Reports | UDA ConstructionOnline | Construction Reports | Construction Management Software

Recent enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s Project Tracking toolkit made Default Text Block options available for Punch List and Checklist Reports. Most commonly used to ensure all terms, conditions, and additional details are included at the beginning or end of the contracts, the addition of Default Text Block options to Punch List and Checklist Reports give construction pros more flexibility and customization when generating professional documentation on their project tracking data for print, download, or to share via email. 

Using ConstructionOnline’s Punch Lists and Checklists, construction pros and their teams can implement a system of predetermined lists that can help define and standardize common construction management processes. The flexibility of ConstructionOnline’s cloud-based Punch Lists and Checklists allows construction teams to have access to their task management tools from anywhere—ensuring their projects are being completed with clarity, accuracy, and efficiency. For further visibility, Punch List and Checklist Reports are available to support the specific needs of each construction team. Complete with options to filter task items by Resource, Priority, Status, and/or Completion as well as include signatures, custom headers & footers, and, now, detailed Default Text block options, it’s clear why nearly one million construction pros trust ConstructionOnline for their Project Tracking & Reporting needs. 

With more than 150 custom branded reports available from within the system, ConstructionOnline™ documents & reports can be produced with ease and accuracy, delivering a professional presentation-ready result every time. To learn more about ConstructionOnline™ Project Tracking & Reporting, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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