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Brand-New To Dos: Changing the Face of Construction Task Management

ConstructionOnline is excited to announce the release of brand-new construction To Dos, totally reimagining the look, feel, and function of To Do Lists in the construction management software platform. Dynamic New To Dos include 3 innovative new views for managing construction tasks - the List View, Group By View, and Board View - as well as new subtasks, customizable task reminders, easy in-line data entry, brand-new tags, vivid color themes, advanced filters, flexible sorting options, and more. 

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Maintain Quality Assurance with Client & Sub Signatures for Construction Punch Lists and Checklists

New for ConstructionOnline™ 2024, UDA recently announced the added ability for ClientLink and TeamLink Users to sign off on construction Punch Lists and Checklists from the Portal. By expanding options for capturing the signatures of all contacts, ConstructionOnline further ensures complete, accurate project documentation. 

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ConstructionOnline™ Adds the Ability to Customize Order of Punch Lists & Checklists

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the added ability to change the order of Punch Lists and Checklists in ConstructionOnline™. This highly-requested and highly-anticipated update to ConstructionOnline’s powerful task list management tools allows Company Users to customize the order in which Punch Lists, Checklists, and their respective Folders appear in ConstructionOnline—enhancing the visibility and organization of task lists company-wide.

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Project Tracking Reports Enhanced to Provide Further Customization for Construction Teams

Recent enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s Project Tracking toolkit made Default Text Block options available for Punch List and Checklist Reports. Most commonly used to ensure all terms, conditions, and additional details are included at the beginning or end of the contracts, the addition of Default Text Block options to Punch List and Checklist Reports give construction pros more flexibility and customization when generating professional documentation on their project tracking data for print, download, or to share via email. 

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New To Do List Filter Options Diversify ConstructionOnline’s Project Tracking Software

UDA Technologies recently released expanded Filter options for both Company and Project To Do lists. Part of ConstructionOnline’s flexible, compound filtering system, the new Filter by “Date Range” allows construction professionals to define a Date Range for either Due Date or Completed Date as a filter for To Do lists at the Company and Project levels. 

Topics: Project Tracking ConstructionOnline™ 2023

New Material Totals Report Now Available for ConstructionOnline™

Adding to ConstructionOnline’s robust options for Project Tracking Reports, the brand-new Material Totals Report for Daily Logging allows ConstructionOnline™ Users to generate reports showing the total material costs for a specific date range of Material Logs. This latest addition continues to add depth to the comprehensive, professional reporting options available for Daily Logging data types.

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Stay Up-to-Date with Enhanced Notification Options in ConstructionOnline™

Known for keeping construction teams on track and up-to-date with industry-leading construction project management systems, UDA recently announced new & improved Notification Settings for ConstructionOnline™ Company Users. The recent updates introduce additional User Notifications for Change Orders and Checklists, as well as new options to Mute/Unmute Notifications.

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Multi-Select Capabilities Now Available for Company and Project To Dos

ConstructionOnline™ recently announced the addition of multi-select capabilities for To Dos at Company and Project levels. By allowing users the ability to select multiple To Dos at a time, ConstructionOnline™ empowers users with efficient, bulk management options for key task actions, like Assigning Resources.

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