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New Material Totals Report Now Available for ConstructionOnline™

New Material Totals Report Now Available for Construction Financials

Adding to ConstructionOnline’s robust options for Project Tracking Reports, the brand-new Material Totals Report for Daily Logging allows ConstructionOnline™ Users to generate reports showing the total material costs for a specific date range of Material Logs. This latest addition continues to add depth to the comprehensive, professional reporting options available for Daily Logging data types.

The Material Totals Report can be created for all ConstructionOnline™ Projects or on a per Project/Opportunity basis. ConstructionOnline™ Users can select a date or date range to generate the report for as well as choose the information that must match among separate Material Log entries for them to total. Material Matching Settings include: Match Material Name Only, Match Material Name & Trade, and Match Material Name, Trade, & Cost Code

Trusted by more than 850,000 construction pros worldwide, ConstructionOnline’s Daily Logging is integral to successful project tracking, documentation, job costing, and communication. To learn more about Daily Logging & construction project tracking in ConstructionOnline™, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.


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