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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

ConstructionOnline Scheduling Receives Performance Enhancements

New improvements to Scheduling in ConstructionOnline allows users to further customize and organize their schedules, as well as efficiently view tasks that are planned for the days and weeks to come. Construction professionals using ConstructionOnline can expect to encounter:

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New Feature Spotlight: Multiline Change Orders

ConstructionOnline's already robust Change Order management tools just got more powerful with the addition of new detailed, multiline change orders. Now change orders can include multiple items, each with their own markup and estimate linkages.

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Take Advantage of the Quarantine with Free Training from UDA

COVID-19 has forced most teams to search for innovative ways to carry on with business as usual while working remotely. UDA Technologies is now offering a special webinar series designed to help you and your team boost your productivity and stay connected, even in the face of unprecedented disruptions.

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UDA Named as Top Performer in Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies has been recognized by FeaturedCustomers as a Top Performer according to Spring 2020’s Construction Management Software Customer Success Report. ConstructionOnline, the #1 top-rated construction management software from UDA Technologies, delivers the most comprehensive online project management system available for successful construction firms.

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