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New Invoice Report Options and Formatting Now Available within ConstructionOnline™

Recent updates to UDA’s award-winning project management software, ConstructionOnline™, offer improved report generation for construction Invoicing. With new options to include Category, Company Overheard & Margin, and Client Selections headers and/or rows on Detailed Invoices and Invoice Payment Reports, as well as improvements to margin and alignment formatting, ConstructionOnline™ has increased the flexibility and professionalism of Invoice and Invoice Payment Reports generated from the industry-leading software. 

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New Company Invoice Settings Now Available for ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing

UDA Technologies recently added Company Invoice Setting options for Invoices created within ConstructionOnline™. This addition to ConstructionOnline’s robust Invoicing feature allows construction pros to create custom, professional Invoices and email messages to send to their clients.

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New Paid to Date Report Introduced for ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing

UDA Technologies announced the addition of the new Paid to Date Report for ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing. The Paid to Date Report compiles data regarding what’s entered as “Paid” for ConstructionOnline™ Invoices alongside the comprehensive Current Balance for Project Financials.

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