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Brand-New To Dos: Changing the Face of Construction Task Management

ConstructionOnline is excited to announce the release of brand-new construction To Dos, totally reimagining the look, feel, and function of To Do Lists in the construction management software platform. Dynamic New To Dos include 3 innovative new views for managing construction tasks - the List View, Group By View, and Board View - as well as new subtasks, customizable task reminders, easy in-line data entry, brand-new tags, vivid color themes, advanced filters, flexible sorting options, and more. 

The most significant enhancement included in the release of ConstructionOnline’s New To Dos are the 3 unique, customizable views. Simple, yet powerful, each new view demonstrates a masterful blend of flexibility and ingenuity that expertly elevates construction task management:

List View

The List View is the default interface for managing To Dos Lists in ConstructionOnline. Built on a next-generation dynamic table, the List View offers a spreadsheet-style format for easy viewing, organizing, and updating of construction To Do Lists.. With features like inline editing, sortable columns and rows, interactive cell elements, and endless table styling options, the List View provides the most comprehensive view of all task data with unparalleled flexibility and control.

Group By View

Exclusive to ConstructionOnline, the Group By View amplifies the powerful dynamic table capabilities of the List View by allowing users to group construction To Dos into segments based on any combination of selected properties. The innovative Group By View empowers remarkable tracking & management of construction To Dos with advanced sorting options, convenient drag-and-drop functions, compressible custom tables, automatic total counts and average calculations, and more. 

Board View

Inspired by the Kanban framework utilized for task visualization, the Board View presents construction To Dos in an eye-catching, interactive layout that's ideal for agile project management. To Dos are displayed on cards, sorted into columns, and organized by a selected property, like Project, Resource, Category, or Stage. The Board View is appealing and straightforward with convenient options like the  in-line display of attachments, completely customizable card settings, flexible  board layouts, color themes, and more.

Dynamic New To Dos in ConstructionOnline are included in all subscription packages, including ConstructionOnline’s Core Tools and the newest monthly plans for ConstructionOnline Basics.  To learn more about improving productivity, communication, and efficiency with New To Dos, contact the ConstructionOnline Team at 800.700.8321. 


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