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CO™ Mobile Update Notes (Version 5.0.3)

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The latest version of CO™ Mobile (Version 5.0.3) is now available for download via Apple & Android app stores. ConstructionOnline Mobile is the powerful mobile app companion to UDA's industry-leading construction management software, ConstructionOnline.

Key updates in Version 5.0.3 of CO™ Mobile include - 


  • Opportunities now available for CO™ Mobile
    • Allows users to Create, Edit, Manage, and Delete Opportunities from the mobile application, and also allows users to Convert Opportunities to Projects from the mobile application
    • Opportunity Features accessible via “Manage Content” in CO™ Mobile:
      • Overview
      • Team
      • Messages
      • Files
      • Estimating (View Only)
      • Selections
      • Redline Planroom


  • Enhanced system logic by adding upload batching mechanisms and a functional upload queue to improve the reliability, consistency, and speed of uploads initiated via mobile
    • App will now automatically manage the number of uploads within any given “batch,” balancing file sizes and number of files to ensure completion of all uploads in the fastest manner possible
    • Added queue indicator to denote pending uploads already in queue
  • Modified user interface to improve file handling and organization
  • Expanded App Settings to provide additional options regarding video uploads
    • Upload compressed video file
    • Upload original video file


  • Updated the Lead Overview layout to mirror the Contact Overview layout
  • Verified that language consistently updates across ConstructionOnline and CO™ Mobile, based upon the user's language settings. All Notifications match the selected language for the user (English and Spanish).
  • Migrated ConstructionOnline Mobile to new Firebase functions


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