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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

ConstructionSuite 9 Provides Improved Efficiency with Estimating Automation

Advanced options for estimating with assemblies were released as part of the most recent upgrade for ConstructionSuite, UDA’s comprehensive project management tool. OnCost Estimating, the award-winning construction estimating component of ConstructionSuite, continues to expand capabilities to further meet the needs of clients worldwide. Estimating with assemblies simplifies the estimate process and improves the accuracy of project totals by streamlining individual items into repeatable sets, or assemblies.

A feature enhancement that had been high on the list of requests from existing UDA customers, estimating with assemblies is an intuitive addition to the enterprise solution that ConstructionSuite provides for growing builders. To learn more about Estimating with Assemblies, watch the introduction webinar for ConstructionSuite 9’s OnCost Estimating, or contact UDA Technologies at 800.700.8321.

Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite