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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

New Administrative Management of Estimates in ConstructionSuite 9

UDA Technologies recently released ConstructionSuite 9, the latest and greatest upgrade for their advanced desktop project management suite, ConstructionSuite. OnCost Estimating, the renowned estimating program in ConstructionSuite, benefitted from several enhancements in ConstructionSuite 9, including progressive administrative management for estimates in the form of new locking mechanisms.

Estimate locks improve admin users’ abilities to supervise the creation and accuracy of estimates by other integral team members, and support users to focus comfortably on specific values within the sophisticated estimating tool. There are multiple options for setting locks in the estimates (and estimate templates!), including – but not limited to - options to lock estimate structure, item names, quantities, costs, markup, and QuickBooks integration.

To learn more about OnCost Estimating Locks, view this Special Session Webinar – First Look at ConstructionSuite 9 Estimating, or contact UDA Technologies at 800.700.8321.

Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite