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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

The Industry’s Fastest Scheduling Gets Additional Reports

This week, ConstructionOnline increases the power of ConstructionOnline Scheduling with the addition of new reporting capabilities. Joining a multitude of thorough reports already available in ConstructionOnline, new Scheduling reports continue to enhance subscribers’ abilities for better project insight.

  • Schedule Baseline Report: Compare Baseline Projections to Current Schedule & assess variations
  • Scheduling Conflict Report: View Schedule Conflicts per project and per resources
  • Schedule Notes Report: Compile Task Notes, Field Notes, and Sub Notes

Additional filter options for the existing Schedule Summary Report have also been added.

Scheduling, one of ConstructionOnline’s flagship features, had long been renowned as fast, complete, and overall outstanding in the realm of Gantt Chart Scheduling. Including advanced business intelligence features such as Task Dependencies, Resource Assignments, Baseline Assessment Tools, and Critical Path Management, ConstructionOnline Scheduling continues to be a foundation for comprehensive project management for over 450,000 users worldwide.

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