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Accelerate Construction Project Schedules with Industry-Leading Tools in OnPlan™ Scheduling

Construction Projects See Greater Efficiency with Intelligent Gantt Chart Task Dependencies

ConstructionOnline™ recently announced the addition of new & improved options for defining task relationships in the industry's fastest online Gantt Chart Scheduling system, OnPlan™ Scheduling. Now, construction professionals can set sequential predecessors for multiple schedule tasks with a single click of the mouse, improving the ease of managing details, ever-evolving construction project schedules. 

More than 850,000 construction pros worldwide rely on ConstructionOnline™ to streamline schedule creation, maintenance, and analysis. With OnPlan™ Scheduling's intelligent predecessor tools, users are able to maximize schedule efficiency and ensure that tasks progress in the ideal order for the duration of the job. As updates, delays, and other schedule adjustments are documented on the project schedule, ConstructionOnline™ references task predecessors to automatically update dependent tasks accordingly. 

Following ConstructionOnline's most recent update, users can multi-select any variety of tasks and right-click to access the "Set as Predecessors" option. Upon execution, this option will add sequential, finish-start predecessors to the selected tasks, referencing the order in which the tasks are populated to the List View of the schedule. If existing predecessor relationships are already defined for one or more of the selected tasks, those predecessor relationships remain in place & unchanged, while new predecessor relationships are simply added in sequence. 

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