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Advanced Calculation Methods Improve Accuracy of Construction Takeoff Measurements

ConstructionOnline Takeoff + Estimating with Advanced Calculation Methods

Redline Takeoff has seen massive updates to kick off 2021, and some of the most impactful of these updates are in the calculation methods available in the online construction financial system. Known for delivering the features construction pros need to achieve the most accurate construction takeoffs & estimates, Redline Takeoff continues to impress with new enhancements. 

Users will be pleased to find that Coverage Rates, Waste Factors, and Partials (Round Ups) are all taken into account when calculating measurements & costs with the industry’s most integrated tools for construction takeoff & estimating. Coverage rates ensure that units of measure and units of purchase are equated with accuracy. Waste factor rates account for a specified amount of waste on average for a particular item. Partials round up measurements to negate scarcity of resources. Such advanced calculation methods set Redline Takeoff apart as an industry leader for integrated construction takeoffs and estimates. 

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