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Advanced Filters Added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020

New compound filters have recently been added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020. Filters are available for Calendars & To Dos at both the Company and Project levels in ConstructionOnline™, streamlining everyday project tracking by improving access to needed information.

Advanced Filters now available for Calendars: Resource (including a “No Assigned Resource” option), Project Type, Group, Stage, Category, Office, Division, and/or Region, along with Trade and Cost Code.

Advanced Filters now available for To Dos: Due Date, Assigned Resource, Priority, Type, Category, Stage, Trade, and/or Cost Code.

Users may recognize the new advanced filter options, as the function was also included in the recent release of the Company History Log for ConstructionOnline™ Company Accounts. Filters selected appear as tags at the top of Calendar and To Do views. Multiple filters can be applied in at the same time, making it easy to drill down to specific data based on various details.

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