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App Update Released for ConstructionOnline Mobile™


A new update is now available for ConstructionOnline Mobile™ on iOS and Android platforms. ConstructionOnline Mobile™ is the mobile companion for ConstructionOnline™ and provides comprehensive mobile access to powerful project management tools for on-the-go construction professionals.

The latest update to ConstructionOnline Mobile™ includes functions to support the introduction of expanded Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline™, including improvements to increase readability, navigation, and ease-of-use. Additional improvements to data tracking support mobile integration with ConstructionOnline’s new Administrator Dashboards & Consoles and Geo-Mapping Tools for New Time Tracking in ConstructionOnline 2020.

QuickChat™ also received updates with the most recent release to ConstructionOnline Mobile™ with a focus on supporting how QuickChat™ handles attachments of photos, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint files, Excel files, and hyperlinks. Users can expect to see improved upload speeds when using ConstructionOnline Mobile™ over both Wi-FI and Data connections.

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