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Better Software, Better Results: UDA Product Team Enhances ConstructionOnline 2024 for Unmatched ROI

Striving to deliver world-class construction software tools that yield the industry’s highest ROI, UDA’s Product Team has diligently and consistently sought to enhance the speed and functionality of ConstructionOnline throughout the first two quarters of this year. Recent internal updates have delivered impressive results in system performance including: 

  • The most enhanced version of the OnPlan™ Scheduling tool yet thanks to the following improvements, specifically made for larger schedules with 10k+ tasks:
    • Improved backend load speed by ~75%
    • Improved frontend load speed by ~30%
    • Updated collapse function for Schedule Task Groups so they work 60% more quickly 
    • Updated highlight function for Schedule Task Groups so they work 90% more quickly
  • A completely optimized estimate table within the Request for Quote Report 
  • Faster sample Project creation during free trial generation
  • Improved Activity Summary release thanks to server optimizations

With nearly one million users relying on ConstructionOnline’s software solutions to manage over $90 billion dollars in construction every single day, UDA ConstructionOnline understands the importance of providing fast, reliable tools for fully integrated construction project management. ConstructionOnline Users can expect UDA’s Product Team to continue to prioritize a variety of speed and performance enhancements into the latter half of the year. To learn more about how ConstructionOnline 2024 can provide your company the ultimate value proposition, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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