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Clients & Subcontractors Can Now Print ConstructionOnline™ Daily Log Reports

Construction Daily Logs Reports for Clients and Subcontractors | UDA ConstructionOnline™ | Project Tracking Software | Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies recently announced the added ability for ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Users, with appropriate permissions, to print Combined Log Reports for ConstructionOnline™ Daily Logs. This new update expands the flexibility and customization offered to construction companies when managing clients, subcontractors, and any other stakeholders. 

An integral part of the industry’s leading project tracking software, Daily Logs in ConstructionOnline offer construction companies the ability to record, organize, review, and store critical project tracking information in a single, secure location. This information, including all construction daily logs, weather data, and photos, can then be compiled automatically into comprehensive, professionally-branded documents. With the Combined Log Report, Company Users, ClientLink™ Users, and TeamLink™ Users can summarize all daily log information into one presentation-ready PDF ready to be downloaded, printed, and/or shared.

To learn more about Project Tracking & construction daily reports in ConstructionOnline™, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.


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