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CO™ Mobile Update Notes (Version 4.7.7)

CO™ Mobile Update Notes | Version 4.7.7 - Download Now via Apple & Android markets

The latest update to CO™ Mobile delivers optimized performance and enhanced usability that furthers the flexible project management capabilities of UDA’s family of products & services. Version 4.7.7 is now available for download via Apple & Android app stores. 


  • Streamlined Quick Add options for To Dos in CO™ Mobile to ensure compatibile entry across all devices
  • Updated system handling of special characters entered in the To Dos Subject, specifically the ampersand (&)
  • Verified that users can successfully Add Attachments from ConstructionOnline™ to To Dos via CO™ Mobile
  • Updated time & date logic to ensure Reminders for To Dos are consistently delivered at the scheduled time on Android and Apple operating systems respectively
  • Confirmed that the default Reminder Time is set to 12:00 pm in instances where the user does not specify a time for the To Do Reminder
  • When creating To Do Reminders, enhanced consideration is given to the current date & time. To Do Reminders cannot be created for a date prior to the current date, and when the Reminder date is set to the current date, the Reminder time must be a future time.


  • Call Logs created via CO™ Mobile now allow for the inclusion of multiple Contacts.
  • When a Call Log is created by any Company User via CO™ Mobile, it populates to the corresponding Project in ConstructionOnline™ as well as the Company Overview in ConstructionOnline™ in all appropriate instances.
  • Styling remains consistent on Call Logs whether accessed via ConstructionOnline™ or CO™ Mobile, including the application of HTML styling.


  • Styling remains consistent on Daily Logs whether accessed via ConstructionOnline™ or CO™ Mobile, including the application of HTML styling.
  • Updated Attachment Preview function to ensure that users can successfully preview non-image attachments in all applicable instances.


  • Updated app styling applied to ClientLink™ Folders, TeamLink™ Folders, and File Preview Icons
  • Added app message to circumvent user attempts to open unsupported file types


  • When a user attempts to edit Time Entries, specifically Lunch/Break Entries, the app consistently checks for Time Conflicts.


  • Users are consistently able to download Redline™ Sheets via CO™ Mobile by accessing the Download option on the Share menu.


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