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CO™ Mobile Update Notes (Version 4.7.9)

CO™ Mobile Update | Version 4.7.9 - Now Available for Apple & Android | Download Today!

The latest update to CO™ Mobile delivers optimized performance and enhanced usability that furthers the flexible project management capabilities of UDA’s family of products & services. Version 4.7.9 is now available for download via Apple & Android app stores. 


  • When creating a new Transmittal, “Project” is now a required field. 


  • When creating a new Submittal, “Project” is now a required field.
  • Project Selector in “Create Submittal” modal updated to dropdown selector.


  • When creating a new RFI, “Project” is now a required field.
  • Dropdown selectors for “Project” and “Contact” are consistently available in any instance where the user chooses to Create and/or Edit a RFI.


  • Verified that access to the Gantt View button on the Project Calendar correlated to access defined by applied settings in all instances, most specifically when ClientLink™ / TeamLink™ Permissions were set to - 
    • "Hide the Gantt Chart but show milestones on the calendar"
    • Hide Gantt Chart, but show subcontractors' tasks on the Project Calendar” 
  • Project Team now displays as expected when accessed from Contacts
  • TeamLink™ Users can consistently mark Punch List Items as “Complete”


  • Updated system handling of special characters in file names, specifically regarding the “forward slash” or “/ ”
  • Folders/Albums “Shared” with ClientLink™ / TeamLink™ Contacts are visible within ClientLink™ / TeamLink™ Files for Non-Admin Company Users with necessary permissions
  • Implemented new check to local device storage when files from ConstructionOnline are selected for opening. Files found in local device storage will open successfully, but not be downloaded to device, while files not found in local device storage will be downloaded prior to opening to completion.
  • Apple: Streamlined video uploading and rendering to prevent irregular instances of “undefined” files.


  • Updated Daily Logging to ensure that the File Selector consistently launches when the option to Attach Files to the Daily Log from ConstructionOnline™ is selected


  • Enhanced options to “Remember Credentials” on login screen to prevent empty values from being saved to the “Password” field
  • Updated system logic to successfully handle Notifications wherein no associated Project ID exists
  • Android: Added a soft back button to header for webviews


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