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CO™ Mobile Update Notes (Version 4.8.5)

CO™ Mobile | Version 4.8.5 | Now Available for Android & Apple Devices | UDA ConstructionOnline™ | Construction Mobile App | Construction Management Software

The latest version of CO™ Mobile (Version 4.8.5) is now available for download via Apple & Android app stores. CO™ Mobile is the powerful mobile app companion to ConstructionOnline, UDA's industry-leading construction management software. 


  • Site Instructions have been added as a new field when Creating and/or Editing a Project via CO™ Mobile.
  • Streamlined access to Project Information via CO™ Mobile, and verified that any edits made to Project Notes, Site Instructions, and/or the Scope of Work from the Project Overview screen are immediately reflected on the Project Overview. 


  • Verified consistent access to view and/or edit Contact Details via all intended points within CO™ Mobile. 


  • Users can now select the preferred speed for file uploads within the Settings Menu of CO™ Mobile. File uploads will only occur when the designated speed (or higher) is available, giving users more control and better results.
  • Updated file naming logic to allow for the original file name to be retained, when available. When the original file name is not available, a name will be assigned to the file using the consistent format of YYYYMMDD_XXXXX.ext, where the date is the date taken, when available.
  • Improved Files & Photos upload processes by refactoring related system logic. Streamlined operations are applied when Files are uploaded, opened, and edited to ensure efficient file handling in all instances.
  • Enhanced file caching logic to improve file access on individual devices. When possible, files are cached to the specific device, preventing additional downloads of files the user has already accessed.
  • IOS - Verified that videos consistently upload from Apple devices successfully and that uploaded video files can successfully be played in ConstructionOnline and downloaded from ConstructionOnline. 


  • Updated user interface to better reflect features available for subscribers’ account levels.
  • IOS - Improved open functionality of app notifications when app is running in the background. 


  • Live Chat is now available from directly within CO™ Mobile. ConstructionOnline Product Specialists are available Monday - Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:30 pm ET. 


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