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Company Projects List Receives Refresh with New Dynamic Table

New & Improved Construction Project Management with the Updated Company Project List featuring ConstructionOnline's New Dynamic Table | Construction Management Software | UDA ConstructionOnline

As a part of a continuous campaign to revolutionize how data is displayed, managed, and utilized across the platform, ConstructionOnline has recently updated the Company Projects list to feature a new dynamic table. Joining Permit Tracking, Insurance & Certificate Tracking, and Companies, the Company Projects table now showcases ConstructionOnline’s innovative solution for data management and organization

Dynamic tables bring a modular, unified foundation to how data is displayed across ConstructionOnline, offering advanced ordering & sorting functions, customizable grid views, more intuitive in-line editing capabilities, and the ability to group/organize table items in accordance to parameters set by the user. Roadmap projections suggest that dynamic tables will be progressively implemented throughout the ConstructionOnline platform until a consistent standard is achieved. 

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