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Construction Financials Streamlined with New Wizards for Estimates & Reports

Well-known for providing industry-leading financial management and reporting for construction pros around the world, ConstructionOnline™ is proud to showcase a continued dedication to streamlining construction financial management. The introduction of new wizards to ConstructionOnline™ Financials guides users step-by-step through easy creation sequences for Estimates, Proposals, and additional Financial Reports. 

When creating OnCost™ Estimates from scratch in ConstructionOnline, Company Users will find that they are guided through a four-step sequence that addresses:

1. Estimate Name & Cost Codes
2. Estimate Detail Level

a. Standard: 3-Level - Category, Subcategory, Item
b. Basic: 2-Level - Category and Subcategory

3. Cost Calculations 

a. Standard: Base Cost is calculated by multiplying Quantity times Unit Cost
b. 5-Column: Base Cost is calculated by multiplying Quantity times the sum of Material, Labor, Subcontractor, Equipment, and Other costs. 

4. Tax Settings

a. Tax Calculation Methods
b. Tax Types
c. Custom Tax Options

Additionally, Company Users will find similar guidance when creating Estimate Proposals and Current Contract Summaries within ConstructionOnline's Financial Reports. The four-step sequence will walk users through selecting options for - 

1. Document Layout, including Scope of Work details & Level of Detail to display
2. Price Detail, such as options for including Quantity, Cost, and Classification
3. Tax & Markup, including display options for Tax & Dollar Markup, as well as Company Overhead & Margin
4. Default Text, where users can choose to insert upper and lower default text blocks on reports. 

Trusted by more than 750,000 construction professionals in over 75 countries worldwide, ConstructionOnline™ delivers proven tools for growing mid-market contractors in residential, commercial, specialty, and industrial construction. Home to the industry's only fully integrated online estimating & construction takeoff system, ConstructionOnline™ continues to be recognized for leading the construction software industry with innovative, advanced financial management solutions. 


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