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Construction Scheduling Improved with Copy & Paste Functions Added for OnPlan™ Scheduling

UDA ConstructionOnline™ 2022 | What's New for OnPlan™ Scheduling - Copy & Paste Functions

Recent updates to the industry’s fastest online Gantt Chart Scheduling offer improved options for creating, managing, and tracking construction tasks, most notably - Copy & Paste functions for Schedule Tasks & Groups included on construction project schedules in ConstructionOnline’s OnPlan™ Scheduling. Now, ConstructionOnline™ Company Employees can easily duplicate and reuse Schedule Tasks & Schedule Groups by choosing to Copy & Paste from one project Schedule to another. 

Previously, ConstructionOnline™ Company Employees were exclusively able to Copy Schedules in their entirety and/or save Project Schedules as Company Schedule Templates. The expansion of new options that deliver Copy & Paste functions at the Schedule Task & Group level of detail offer construction pros better, more direct control over repeated construction tasks and improve the daily management of extensive construction schedules. 

More than 850,000 construction pros worldwide rely on ConstructionOnline™ to streamline schedule creation, maintenance, and analysis. With OnPlan™ Scheduling’s intelligent task management tools, users are able to maximize schedule efficiency to ensure jobs are completed on time & under budget. 

To learn more about Scheduling & Calendars in ConstructionOnline™, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321. 


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