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ConstructionOnline™ 2024 Introduces New Construction Permit Tracking

Powerful New Construction Permit Tracking Software | New for 2024 | UDA ConstructionOnline | Construction Project Management

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the release of Permit Tracking, a brand-new feature now available for ConstructionOnline™ 2024. The highly-anticipated new module offers construction companies smart solutions for documenting and managing construction permits, alongside ConstructionOnline’s powerful, top-ranked tools for construction estimating, scheduling, reporting, and more. 

Permit Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2024 gives Company Employees the ability to -  

  • Create & Assign Permits for ConstructionOnline Projects
  • Securely Store Permit Documents for easy reference
  • Setup Custom Reminders for Expired or Overdue Permits
  • See Upcoming Expirations with the visual Expiration Tracker
  • Export Permit Info to Excel for historical records

With this latest feature release, ConstructionOnline showcases the innovative, new dynamic tables being introduced across the platform in 2024. Dynamic tables bring a modular, unified foundation to how data is displayed, managed, and utilized across ConstructionOnline - offering advanced ordering & sorting functions, customizable grid views, compound Group By options, and more. Dynamic tables are currently available for ConstructionOnline Companies and Permit Tracking. 

Additional updates have been implemented across ConstructionOnline to account for the recent release of the new Permit Tracking feature: 

  • A new menu option for Permit Tracking has been added to ConstructionOnline’s left sidebar menu, underneath the Company section. Here, users can access the Company Permits Table which displays all Permits for all Projects.
  • A new dropdown for Permits has been added to ConstructionOnline’s Company Employee Permissions Settings. Here, Company Admin Users can manage users’ access to Permits by selecting one of the following options:
    • Cannot View
    • Can View
    • Can Create, Edit, and Delete 
  • A new tab for Permits has been added to the Project Details modal for all ConstructionOnline Projects. Here, Company Employees can view & manage Permits assigned to the Project from a centralized location.
  • ConstructionOnline Project Timelines have been updated to include Permit Tracking, including a Filter option for “Permits” available from the dropdown menu for Type.  

Permit Tracking is included in all subscription packages for ConstructionOnline 2024. While any ConstructionOnline Contact may receive email notifications regarding Permit Due Dates and/or Expiration, access to the Company & Project Permit Records is exclusively available for ConstructionOnline Company Employees with applicable permissions. 

To learn more about Permit Tracking, contact the ConstructionOnline Team at 800.700.8321, or join us at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, February 27-29, 2024 to see all the new features & upgrades for ConstructionOnline 2024 in-person!


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