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ConstructionOnline™ Adds New Report for Change Orders and Client Selections

New Construction Reports for Construction Change Orders and Construction Selections Sheets Now Available in UDA ConstructionOnline | #1 Ranked Construction Management Software

UDA recently added a new Dates Ordered/Delivered Report—available for both ConstructionOnline™ Change Orders and Client Selections—to its extensive library of Financial Reports. Recognizing the crucial role change orders and selections play in overall construction project management, the Dates Ordered/Delivered Report was designed to improve overall visibility of the status of materials, equipment, and other resources needed to bring change orders and selections to completion.

With the new Dates Ordered/Delivered Report, construction companies can generate professional, print-ready documentation detailing the ordered, expected, and delivered dates for Change Orders or Client Selections that have been approved in ConstructionOnline. Company Users will find that during report creation they can customize the data generated by filtering items by Project, Order/Delivery Status, Trade, and Vendor. They can also specify the data pulled by selecting Date Type and Date Range as well as how they wish to sort the dates that appear on the report. Additionally, they can choose to display the following columns depending on their reporting needs and focus: Vendor, Status, Ordered, Expected, Delivered. 

Similar to other ConstructionOnline Reports, Company Users also have the ability to select from customized branding, headers and footers, and default text blocks to further enhance the Dates Ordered/Delivered Reports generated from their Company Account. To learn more about why nearly one million construction pros worldwide trust ConstructionOnline for all of their construction reporting needs, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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