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Recent Updates to Project Table in ConstructionOnline Improve Efficiency

Construction Project Management Software Introduces Project Management Enhancements to Streamline the Creation and Organization of Construction Projects | UDA ConstructionOnline

Building on the diverse capabilities available for managing Projects and Project Templates at the Company level, UDA has recently released new options designed to streamline project management in ConstructionOnline.

Company Users can now duplicate Active Projects and Project Templates directly from the Company Projects table as well as duplicate Project Templates from the Project Templates table. With these enhancements, users can easily replicate ConstructionOnline Projects and Templates with just a few clicks—saving time and effort. This update is especially valuable for companies who work on similar projects or want to maintain consistency across all of their jobs. 

The Company Projects table features ConstructionOnline’s innovative solution for data management and organization—the dynamic table. Currently available within Company Projects, Permit Tracking, Insurance & Certificate Tracking, and Contact Companies, dynamic tables bring a modular, unified foundation to how data is displayed, managed, and utilized across ConstructionOnline. Roadmap projections suggest that dynamic tables will not only continue to be implemented across the ConstructionOnline platform, but that UDA will also continue to explore how they can enhance the flexibility and customization of these tables with updates like the duplicate option. 

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