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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

ConstructionOnline™ Delivers Seamless QuickBooks Integration

ConstructionOnline continues UDA Technologies’ legacy of excellence regarding QuickBooks Integration practices, and recent updates to Socket further streamline the integration process. Socket, ConstructionOnline’s Desktop Assistant, powers the unique integration between web-based ConstructionOnline & desktop versions of QuickBooks.

The groundbreaking integration between ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks was introduced in 2017, and the innovative technology continues to deliver unparalleled financial management to growing construction firms seeking the power of desktop financial management with the flexibility of cloud-based project management.

Recent updates to Socket have enhanced processes for –

  • Assigning the Primary Contact (or client) to the integrated project
  • Accessing Projects & associated financial data in ConstructionOnline 2019
  • Applying Prorated Company Overhead & Margin Calculations in Estimates & Invoices

By integrating ConstructionOnline with QuickBooks, the #1 recommended accounting software for construction professionals, jobs costs can be tracked more accurately, project finances can be reviewed more efficiently, and projects can be managed more intelligently.

To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s QuickBooks Integration, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321.

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