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ConstructionOnline Mobile App Embraces Native Feature Design

New Update for ConstructionOnline Mobile | Now Available for Android and iOS

UDA Technologies is excited to announce a recent update to the ConstructionOnline Mobile App for both Android and iOS devices. With a focus on the user's experience, the update includes improved performance & stability, enhanced options for uploading photos, and two completely redesigned features.

Based on feedback from thousands of ConstructionOnline Mobile Users, Daily Logging and To Dos have benefited from a total redesign in the latest mobile update. Users will notice an attractive, new interface for both core features, along with quicker response times when creating and editing information. Some additional enhancements to Daily Logging and To Dos include:

  • Ability to capture photos when creating Daily Logs and To Dos
  • In-Grid Creation for Daily Logs and To Dos
  • Swipe left/right options for completing & deleting To Dos

The ConstructionOnline Mobile App provides users access to all of ConstructionOnline's powerful project management features whether at the office, in the field, or on the go, and is available for Android and iOS devices.

To learn more about UDA's award-winning construction project management software solutions, contact a UDA Product Consultant today at 1.800.700.8321.

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