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ConstructionOnline Mobile Upgraded with React Native Framework

ConstructionOnline Mobile app updated to deliver modern construction project management with full migration to React Native framework

CO™ Mobile, the industry-leading mobile companion to ConstructionOnline, recently underwent a massive update as the app was fully modernized to a React Native framework. This update promises to extend the life of the current interation of CO™ Mobile and enhances the power & performance of the app across all modern browsers and devices. 

Following this recent overhaul, ConstructionOnline Mobile delivers mobile construction project management that is 4x faster than previous versions. The brand-new React Native framework broadens the scalability of CO™ Mobile & all associated packages, making certain web features available to a wider audience than ever before. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework used to develop applications natively rendered for Android and iOS platforms congruently. 

Streamlined to deliver faster, better mobile project management, the latest version of CO™ Mobile serves up comprehensive tools for company, project, and contract management in a fully optimized mobile environment. Download CO™ Mobile for Apple or Android today to get started with industry-leading mobile project management. 


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