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ConstructionOnline Publish Notes for the Week of August 9, 2021

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the growth and stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates & new enhancements, including - 


  •  Contacts can be CC'd and BCC'd on Message Conversations
    •  CC and BCC fields added to modals for Creating a New Converstion and Adding Contacts to a New or Existing Conversation
      •  Any type of user can CC and/or BCC Contacts when Creating a New Conversation
      •  ConstructionOnline™ Admin Users can always add/update Contacts who are CC'd or BCC'd
      •  Non-Admin Company Users can add CC and/or BCC Contacts to existing Conversations, only if they are the creator
      •  ClientLink™ and/or TeamLink™ Users cannot add CC and/or BCC Contacts to existing Conversations
    •  CC'd Contacts function the same as To Contacts
      •  CC'd Contacts are displayed to all Conversation participants
      •  CC'd Contacts can view the Conversation
      •  CC'd Contacts can reply to the Conversation through ConstructionOnline™ or via email, and the response is posted to the existing Conversation thread. 
    •  BCC'd Contacts have different functionality
      •  BCC'd Contacts are only displayed to Admin Users and the creator of the Conversation
      •  BCC'd Contacts can view the Conversation
      •  BCC'd Contacts can reply to the Conversation through ConstructionOnline™ or via email, and the response creates a new Conversation between the BCC'd Contact and the creator of the original Conversation. 


  •  Added Estimate Specifications Report for 3-Level Estimates
    •  "Select Items to Include" table displays all Estimate Items with existing specifications. 
    •  Using "Select All" selects every eligible item within the Estimate
    •  Selecting a Category selects all eligible Subcategories and Items within the Category
    •  Selecting a Subcategory selects all eligible Items within the Subcategory
    •  Attempting to Create a Specifications Report with no items selected delivers a message that prompts the user to select items for the report Report Settings
  •  Enhanced settings enablement for Estimate Notes Report, specifically as related to Category/Subcategory/Item selection controls


  •  Added search box to Submittals
    •  Users will find a search box on the Submittals page that says "Search Submittals..."
    •  Typing in this box will filter the Submittals to only show those that include the search query in the Title, Description, or one of the Responses
    •  Search is not case-sensitive
    •  Search query requires 3 or more characters
    •  X icon appears in the search bar when the search filter is applied
    •  Clicking the X icon discards the search query and displays "All Submittals"
    •  If other filters are applied, only Submittals that match the applied filters and the search query will show
    •  Search is available for Submittals via ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ portals


  •  Creating a new Opportunity from a Lead is logged on that Lead's Timeline with two activity cards
    •  Card #1 notes that the Lead has been added to an Opportunity
    •  Card #2 notes that an Opportunity has been created from the Lead
      It is noted as two separate activities because it is possible to add a Lead to an Opportunity without having created that Opportunity from that Lead. 


  •  Streamlined RFI email notifications, specifically those sent
    •  When the user chooses Create & Send during RFI creation
    •  When the user manually selected to Resend RFI


  •  Users can now vertically rearrange Schedule Tasks by clicking and dragging the tasks on the Gantt Chart or Task List views of the Schedule
  •  Optimized system handling of special characters, specifically apostrophes and octothorpe/pound sign/hashtag, when generating Schedule Print Reports for Projects where the Project Name contains one or more of the specified special characters. 


  •  ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ users can now use the Files Uploaded to ConstructionOnline option on the File Upload modal to add attachments from the files that have been uploaded to Files Visible to All Clients/Subcontractors and/or Files Only Visible to [ClientLink/TeamLink Contact Name] 


  •  Updated Share by Email modal applied to PhotoStream and Photo Album Sharing


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