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ConstructionOnline Publish Notes for the Week of February 21, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the growth & stability of UDA ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and innovative new features, including - 


  • TrueVision™ Cash Flow Reports are now available for companies subscribed to ConstructionOnline™ Business & Enterprise packages. TrueVision™ Cash Flow Reports compare synchronized data between OnCost™ Estimates and OnPlan™ Schedules for improved construction financial management. 
    • Prerequisites to generating Cash Flow Reports
      • Estimate must be a 3-Level Estimate
      • Schedule must be created from the Estimate
        • Estimate Categories & Subcategories become Schedule Task Groups/Sub-Groups
        • Estimate Items become Schedule Tasks
      • Cash Flow Reports populate using the following values
        • Expenditure Reports use Adjusted Cost
        • Income Reports use Total Price
      • Reports can be run at the company level or the individual project level. When running the report at the company level, the user can apply filters to the data set, including - Project Type, Project Group, Project Stage, Project Category, Project Office, Project Region, Project Value Range (Min/Max), and/or Project Date Range (Start/End). 


  • New & improved Search functionality introduced to multiple features within ConstructionOnline, including - 
    • Files
    • Messaging
    • Leads
    • RFIs
    • Submittals
    • Announcements
    • Call Logs
    • Project Emails
  • Search Functionality:
    • A search query of 3 characters will automatically search. The search does not trigger until the user finishes entering the search query. 
    • The user can manually trigger the search function for a search query of fewer than 3 characters by hitting "Enter" after entering 1 or 2 characters. 
    • Deleting characters re-searches the feature content
      • Deleting the query below 3 characters discards the search
    • Whenever a search is applied, the search box will display a red X that can be used to clear the current search query. 
    • Search is not case sensitive. 
    • When searching files, search will return all results from the current level down (so any subfolders or subfolder content) that matches the search query. The files will appear at the current level and will have breadcrumb trails to indicate their location in the file tree. 
    • Lead Total Value amount updates to only include values from current search results. 


  • Enhanced options for application of Hide Completed Tasks function on ConstructionOnline™ Calendars


  • Equipment Category custom menu launches from the Equipment Log creation modal in the Daily Logging Timeline View


  • Streamlined creation of Estimate Proposals via ConstructionOnline's Estimate Proposal Wizard, specifically related to instances where the settings "Include Items with Zero Quantity" and/or "Include Items with Zero Cost" are concerned


  • Improved performance of "Download All Files" project command by partitioning batch file downloads into multiple downloads instead of a single, monolithic download


  • Updated system recognition and response to special characters in the address field for Opportunities, specifically regarding the octothorpe/number sign ( # ) 
  • Client Selections can now be duplicated into Opportunities. When choosing to "Duplicate" Selection Categories and/or individual Selection Choices, Opportunities appear in the destination selector of the duplication modal


  • When exporting Submittals to Excel from ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Portal, the export includes all Submittals accessible by the logged in user, including - 
    • Submittals to which the ClientLink™/TeamLink™ User is assigned
    • Submittals to which the ClientLink™/TeamLink User is associated
      (i.e. Submitter, CC'd Contact, etc.)
    • Closed Submittals - when enabled
      • ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Permissions include a sub-options that allows for ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Users to see "All Closed Submittals," and when this option is enabled, the Excel export includes All Closed Submittals accordingly. 


  • Default Text Blocks can now be added to Selection Reports
  • Client Selections can now be duplicated into Opportunities. When choosing to "Duplicate" Selection Categories and/or individual Selection Choices, Opportunities appear in the destination selection of the duplication modal. 


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