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ConstructionOnline Publish Notes for the Week of October 5, 2020

October 5, 2020 - UDA Technologies released key enhancements for ConstructionOnline Scheduling, Envoy™ Chat, and Financials: 


  • Undo & Redo Commands now available in ConstructionOnline Schedules. Undo/Redo commands can be accessed via right-click menu, task details modal, or task toolbar, and can be applied to - 
        1. Inline edits can be made within Schedule List View
        2. Gantt Chart edits made by modifying task bars
        3. Single Tasks or Multi-Task Selections from right-click menu
  • Undo/Redo commands are session specific:
        1. Users cannot undo/redo changes made by other users
        2. Users cannot undo/redo changes made prior to reloading the schedule/refreshing the page
  • Undo/Redo changes that modify predecessor relationships will correctly update/revert changes made to the predecessor relationships. 


  • After deleting a channel, Company Users can create new Company/Project Channels with the same names as deleted channels. New Channels are completely new channels, and will not have the same chat history as deleted channels. 

FINANCIALS: Multi-Line Change Orders

  • User can create Multi-Line Change Orders
  • Each line item can be linked to an estimate subcategory
    • Multiple line items can be linked to the same subcategory
    • Line items can be linked to different subcategories in different categories
    • Line items can remain unlinked
  • When the project estimate is linked to QuickBooks Online, Change Orders can be sent over to QuickBooks Online as estimates and/or invoices.
    • Multi-line Change Orders now create QuickBooks Online Estimate/Invoice line items for each separate line item in the Change Order. 
    • This applies to both Change Order estimates and Change Order invoices. 
    • Linked Change Order row items will display the name of the linked subcategory and its parent category. 
    • Unlinked row items also send over. 

FINANCIALS: Estimating

  • Estimate rendering speeds are now 5x faster than previously.
  • 3-Level Estimates:
    • Project Totals & Category Sheets now render much faster
    • Changing Category Sheets is almost instant
    • Navigating the Estimate using the Project Totals sheet is quite fast
    • Change Orders, Selections, and Company Overhead & Margin all have their own sheets within in the estimate
  • 2-Level Estimates
    • Estimates load faster
    • The Estimate Category right sidebar can be used to navigate the 2-Level Estimate
    • Change Orders, Selections, and Company Overhead & Margin all have their own separate sections of the Estimate.  
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