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ConstructionOnline Publish Report for April 5-11, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the speed & stability of UDA ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates & enhancements, including - 


  • Added the ability to Import/Export Client Selections as Excel files
    • Options to Import/Export Client Selections are available for Company Employees with Client Selections Permissions set to "Create, Edit, & Delete" level
    • From the Import Selections Modal, Company Employees are able to -
      • Select Excel file for Import 
        (Supported file types: .XLXS or .CSV)
      • Download ConstructionOnline's template for the Import of Client Selections, which contains 2 sheets: Sheet #1 contains Selections data, and Sheet #2 contains instructions & explanations regarding included columns of data. 
      • Export existing Client Selections from the current Project
    • From the Export Selections Modal, Company Employees can choose between two different Export formats:
      • Include Total Rows
      • Export for Importing
    • Importing Client Selections from Excel to ConstructionOnline:
      • Data can be imported at the Category, Selection, and Choice level. ConstructionOnline determines the level of detail by identifying which column name is populated in the file for import. 
        • Category rows can contain Name & Description
        • Selection rows can contain Name, Description, Location, Due Date, and Allowance
        • Selection Choice rows can contain Name, Description, Unit Cost, Unit, Quantity, and Markup


  • New & Improved Redline™ Sheet Comparison Tool:
    There is now a Compare Sheets button next to the Download Set and Rescan Callouts buttons in both Redline™ Planroom & Redline™ Takeoff
    • Clicking the button launches the Compare Sheets Settings Modal from which the user can select any number of sheets from the Current Set for comparison. 
      • The user can also select a specific version for each sheet. 
    • The option to Compare Sheets is also available from the right-click menu for Sheets in the Current Set
      • If one sheet is selected, then the user can compare versions of the selected sheet.
      • If multiple sheets are selected, then the user can compare the selected sheets. 
    • Updated Redline™ Sheet Controls:
      • Users can rotate sheets from the "Rotate" buttons located to the right of the Sheet Names. 
      • Users can now freely align images by clicking Adjust Alignment and are no longer required to select a portion of the image for alignment. 
        • Zoom function is available during alignment; pan function is not available during alignment. 
      • Users can now resize the selected sheet to be larger or smaller using the new "Resize" tool. 
      • Choosing to "Cancel Adjustments" will reset the canvas to its prior state. Canceling Adjustments does not cancel sheet rotations, as sheet rotations are a separate function. 
      • Adjustments to the sheet size, alignment, and rotation during sheet comparison do not affect the source sheets. 
    • Users can Export Sheet Comparison as .PNG file named with
      [PROJECT NAME] - Compare Sheets
    • Company Users must have Redline™ Planroom Permissions set to "Can Add & Update Plans" level or higher to access Compare Sheets function. 
      • Option for sheet comparison is not available via ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Portals. 
  • Redline™ Sheet Upload Sequence has been enhanced to ensure the successful upload of all PDF plans. Previously, there were limited instances where PDF documents exported from Bluebeam and/or other third party sources would fail to upload successfully, and the most recent system improvements deliver targeted resolutions which address these particular occurrences. 
  • Current Set Summary Report now uses the revised Sheet Names. 
  • Enhanced sheet numbering logic to prevent specific instances that were causing certain sheets to populate sheet numbers that were +/- one. 
  • Redline™ Planroom has been added to Opportunities, largely expanding the available utility for Opportunities while also substantially streamlining plan management capabilities included for Redline™ Takeoff within Opportunities in ConstructionOnline. 


  • ConstructionOnline™ Login Page updated to include RSS feed of Latest News from UDA Technologies
  • Full-Screen Mode added for all Communication Features in ConstructionOnline™
    • Full-Screen Mode hides feature dashboard widgets and collapses additional navigation elements in order to access available landscape for expanded feature content display. 
    • Full-Screen Mode can be toggled On/Off per user per view using the Full-Screen Icon at the top of the primary feature widget and/or via keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F
    • Communication Features benefiting from this update include:
      • Project Channel
      • Messages
      • Inbound Emails
      • Announcements
      • Call Logs
      • RFIs
      • Submittals
      • Transmittals


  • Added Paid to Date Report to available Financial Reports. The Paid to Date Report includes a breakdown of what's been entered as "Paid" on ConstructionOnline Invoices alongside the Current Balance for the Project as a whole.
    • The Paid to Date Report includes Subcategories in the Project's Estimate, Approved Client Selections, and Approved Change Orders. 
    • Linkages between Approved Change Orders and Estimate Subcategories are not denoted on the Paid to Date Report. 
  • Option to include "Descriptions" and "Notes" for Estimate Categories and Subcategories added to the Simple Estimate Proposal.
  • Purchase Order Report updated to ensure complete population of all auto-filled fields. 


  • Reviewed the Combined Log Report to ensure that all relevant Delivery Logs are included in appropriate instances. 


  • Redline™ Planroom has been added to Opportunities, largely expanding the available utility for Opportunities while also substantially streamlining plan management capabilities included for Redline™ Takeoff within Opportunities in ConstructionOnline. 


  • Project Schedules can now be exported as Microsoft Project (.XML) files from within the ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Portals.


  • Updated handling of Attachments to streamline the upload of specific files to Punch List Items. 


  • Cost Codes can now be assigned & saved to Schedule Tasks in ConstructionOnline's Schedule Templates. 
  • Reviewed & updated system logic as applied to the numbering of Schedule Task Groups. 
  • Schedule Print Settings Modal launches within TrueVision™ Multi-Project Scheduling, including:
    • From the Multi-Project Scheduling table
    • From Schedules opened from Multi-Project Scheduling
    • From inside a Project
    • From the Company Reporting page


  • The Project Details Modal now opens in Full-Screen Mode by default.


  • Client Signatures collected upon Change Order Approval now display on Change Order Cards in ConstructionOnline


  • Verified that all Schedule Milestones correctly populate to the Milestone Selector dropdown when editing Client Selections from the Selections Sheet of a 3-Level Estimate in OnCost™ Estimating. 
  • Updated system handling of zero-cost Line Items included in Invoices and Invoice Payments to enhance the population of payment details to the Payment Overview option on the Estimate Summary Dashboard.
  • Company Employees can now choose to remove the "Acceptance Agreement" from Estimate Proposals during proposal creation. 


  • Substantial speed improvements delivered to system loading of Checklists in ConstructionOnline™ Projects. 


  • Newly created Project Templates appear in the Template Selector immediately, and no longer require the user to refresh/reload ConstructionOnline™


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