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ConstructionOnline Publish Report for the Week of April 18, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the speed & stability of UDA ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction project management platform, including -


  • New Message Conversations and Message Responses can now be saved in a "Draft" state which automatically saves user-entered content prior to being sent. 
    • Saved Draft Reponses will appear in the input field the next time the user accesses the associated Conversation and clicks the Add Reply button. 
    • Saved Draft Messages & Reponses are only visible to the Creator
    • Drafts are removed after the user sends the Message or deletes the Draft


  • A dropdown menu displaying notifications related to Latest News & Updates from UDA Technologies has been added to ConstructionOnline's top navigation, next to the logged-in user's avatar icon. 🔔
    • Clicking the menu's bell icon 🔔opens a right-sidebar pop-over menu that displays the most recent articles published to ConstructionOnline's Latest News webpage in descending order, newest to oldest
    • A text button at the bottom of the list - "See All Latest News" - redirects the user to the webpage for complete access to all posts published to ConstructionOnline's Latest News


  • New centralized Company Settings have been added to allow for further customization of Headers & Footers applied to ConstructionOnline™ Reports
    • Users can access from the Account Settings menu, under Company Settings section where Header & Footer Settings are now available. 
    • The Document Header & Footer Settings modal launches, including settings for - 
      • Header
        • Company Name
        • Street Address
        • Phone & Website
        • Email Address
        • Company Logo
      • Footer
        • Company Name / Custom Text Block
        • Page Numbering Options
        • Document Creation Date & Time (Report Timestamp)
  • New Selections Room Report has been added to ConstructionOnline's Financial Reports for Projects & Opportunities. 
    • Users can create the Selections Room Report by accessing the "Selections by Location" report option within ConstructionOnline's Financial Reports for Selections. 
    • The Selections by Location Report is available on a per project basis. The report can be filtered by Location, and an option to include "All" is available. 
    • Users can choose from options to "Show Due Date" and/or "Show Vendor" when generating the report. When deselected, the corresponding columns of data are hidden from the Selections by Location Report and the report formatting is adjusted accordingly. 
    • In the instance that a single Selections Category includes multiple Client Selections with different entered locations, each Client Selection should display as an independent row listed under the corresponding Location header. 
    • When choosing the option to filter the Selections by Location Report by "All" locations, Selections with no location entered will appear at the end of the report under the header "No Assigned Location."
  • Settings modals for Purchase Order and Request for Quote (RFQ) now open in Full-Screen Mode. 


  • Updated system handling of Change Orders where the Change Order Approver had been removed from the Company's Contact List to streamline access of all Change Orders via ConstructionOnline™ and ConstructionOnline's ClientLink™ Portal


  • Updated styling for email notifications sent in response to the option to Download All Project Files to ensure action buttons are displayed via all email clients
  • Downloading a folder from All Files, ClientLink™ Files, or TeamLink™ Files now pops a toast directing the user to Check Email for Download Link


  • Added Division, Region, and Office columns to the Leads Table of the Lead Pipeline
  • Added additional fields to the Lead Import Template, accounting for custom values including - Contact Group, Contact Category, Office, Division, Region, and Trade. 
    • If a match is found to an existing custom value, the field is associated with the ID for the existing custom value. 
    • If a match is not found to an existing custom value, a new custom value is created and the Company's list of custom values is updated accordingly. The new custom value is added to the current dictionary, an ID Is created for the new custom value, and the field for the lead is then associated with the ID for the new custom value. 
    • Leads included in the Lead Import will be created in ConstructionOnline™ as long as a First Name/Last Name and Email Address are included for the Lead; the absence of any other data in the row will not impact the creation of the Lead. 
    • All empty columns (other than those required) will default to either nothing or - 
      • Country to user's Country
      • Status to Inactive
      • Stage to the 1st Stage of the Company's Lead Pipeline
      • Probability, Quality, and/or Value to 0


  • Redline™ Sheets can now be shared via Print, Download, and/or Email at the original dimension/resolution with markup included


  • Functions to Copy & Paste from one Schedule to another are now available for Schedule Tasks & Schedule Groups.
  • Scheduling displays now remember & default to the most recently applied Schedule view preference upon loading the Schedule.
    • For example, if the user views a Schedule in List Mode, navigates away from Scheduling, then returns to Scheduling, the Schedule will display in List Mode. 


  • Updated Dark Mode styling for Templates - Empty State
  • Updated Dark Mode styling for Recent Files - Empty State
  • Updated Dark Mode styling for Notification Settings - Header


  • Updated alert message triggered when a user attempts to Create an Invoice with a value less than or equal to "Zero."
    • Alert states: "Invoice total must be greater than $0.00"
    • Alert appears when:
      • Selecting only Estimate Subcategories with Zero Value
      • Selecting a Change Order with Zero Value


  • Updated Opportunity Details Modal to ensure access to the Custom Settings Cog for all Custom Value fields


  • Items marked as "Complete" during item creation are hidden when creation is completed in instances where Hide Completed Items option is enabled
  • Added Hide Completed Items functionality to Checklists and Punch Lists in CO™ Mobile


  • Full-Screen Mode added for To Dos
    • Full-Screen Mode hides feature dashboard widgets and collapses additional navigation elements in order to access available landscape for expanded feature content display
    • Full-Screen Mode can be toggled On/Off per user per view using the Full-Screen Icon at the top of the primary feature widget and/or via keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F


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