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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of August 29, 2022

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of August 29, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction project management platform, including -


  • Added Import and Export functionality to Change Orders:
    • Import and Export commands are located in the More Options menu in the top right corner of the Change Order Overview widget.
    • Options within the Import Change Orders modal include:
      • Download the Change Orders Excel Import Template: Ensures your Change Orders are properly formatted
      • Choose File to Import: Must be an Excel file
      • Set Change Orders as Drafts: Sets the imported Change Orders to a Draft state
      • Export the Change Orders in the current project to Excel: Includes two export formats including Exporting Total Rows or Exporting for Importing
    • Options within the Export Change Orders modal include:
      • Include Total Rows: Creates a report-style Excel document
      • Export for Import: Exports the Change Orders to Excel so they can be re-imported into ConstructionOnline™


  • Added Order Date, Delivery Date, and Order/Delivery Status to Client Selections.
    • Order/Delivery Status options can be found in the Edit Selection Choice window of an “Approved” Selection Choice. Users can choose to document information in the following fields including:
      • Items and/or materials for the selected choice have been ordered.
        • Date Ordered 
        • Date Expected
      • Items and/or materials for the selected choice have been delivered.
        • Date Delivered
      • Order/Delivery Status
        • In Transit 
        • Delayed
        • Delivery Attempted 
        • Delivered to Wrong Address
        • Delivered - Item(s) Missing 
        • Delivered - Item(s) Damaged
        • This field can also be customized. 
      • Once information is entered and saved in the Selection Choice Details, Selection Choice cards will include tags that indicate whether the item(s) has been Ordered or Delivered. 
      • Order/Delivery information will also populate in the Selections Summary table.


  • Company and ClientLink™ / TeamLink™ Users now have the option to hide Weather Logs on the Daily Log Timeline View using the Hide Weather Entries checkbox that appears at the top right of the Filters widget. 
    • Weather Logs are still recorded in ConstructionOnline™ when this option is selected.
  • Optimized system to immediately update edited entries in the Daily Log Timeline view.


  • Added “Search” feature to Costbooks. Search returns match the following parameters: Folders, Items, and Assembly Names.


  • Ensured all tax values are now consistently included when importing Actuals, Invoiced Amounts, or Invoices from QuickBooks Online.


  • Adjusted table breaks in the Paid-to-Date Estimate Report to remove extra white space from the generated report.
  • Verified the Upload from COL and Upload from Cloud Storage options on the File Upload modal work when inserting an image into a report using the TXEditor.


  • Updated responsiveness of Schedule Task right-click submenu to improve ease of use.


  • Optimized system to immediately populate newly created Opportunities on the Opportunities table.


  • Verified Change Orders consistently upload from ConstructionSuite™ to ConstructionOnline™.


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