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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of February 19, 2024

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of February 19, 2024

UDA continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction management platform, including -


  • Updated the Company Projects list to a dynamic table featuring advanced data displays, more intuitive in-line editing, and the ability to organize Projects into custom groups in accordance to parameters set by the user


  • Enhanced the service calls that retrieve Punch List and Checklist data to run about 94% faster and decrease load times for the Punch List and Checklist features 


  • Added Trash function for Project, Estimate, and Schedule Templates
    • Templates can now be placed in the Trash to remove them from view without permanently deleting them. 
    • Templates moved to the Trash may be restored so long as they have not been permanently deleted from the Trash.
    • Project, Estimate, and Schedule Template categories now feature two tabs: the “Active” tab where new Templates can be added and existing Templates can be managed and the “Trash” tab where Templates can be moved.
    • Company Users will find the “Delete” option in the right-click and three-dot action menus has been replaced with the “Move to Trash” option.
    • Templates that have been moved to the Trash are: 
      • Removed from the “Active” tab 
      • Removed from the “Favorites” list
      • Unable to be accessed when creating new Projects/Estimates/Schedules from a Template
      • Unable to be modified; the Template must be restored before any changes can be made 
    • Once moved to the Trash, Templates can be fully deleted from ConstructionOnline by right-clicking on the Template and selecting “Delete Permanently".
      • Please note Templates deleted permanently cannot be recovered. 
    • Users can also delete all Templates that are currently within the Trash by choosing the “Empty Trash” button.


  • Added the ability to generate Item Issue Report for Checklists


  • Added the ability to make OnCost™ Estimates available for ClientLink Users in a View-Only capacity 
    • This feature is only available to select companies determined on a case-by-case basis.
    • If made available, the permissions setting will be located within the ClientLink Features modal.
    • Estimates made available to ClientLink Users in the Project Portal mirror the Estimate in ConstructionOnline, but are only available in a View-Only capacity.
      • The View-Only Estimate includes all of the Estimate’s content and will display related Selections, Change Orders, Invoices, etc. regardless of whether or not the ClientLink User may access those individual features.
      • ClientLink Users cannot modify any of the Estimate’s content, but may modify visual display options like column visibility, column width, estimate view, etc.


  • Verified the Change Order Excel export includes Change Orders for Projects converted from Opportunities specifically when exporting Change Orders for all Projects


  • Confirmed the Resource “X” deselector icon displays in the correct location in all instances


  • Verified the Punch Lists Item Issues Report displays details for Issue Status custom values 


  • Updated styling & formatting of the Schedule Progress Dashboard
  • Confirmed ConstructionOnline correctly scrolls to Projects when clicking on a Schedule in Multi-Project Scheduling 


  • Removed the ability to create Invoices and Payments from the Company Overview Invoicing category


  • Ensured users can access Daily Log attachments in all instances
  • Verified Daily Log Timeline cards load in all instances


  • Added the ability to create new ConstructionOnline trial accounts from the mobile app


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