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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of February 26, 2024

UDA ConstructionOnline | Weekly Publish Notes | Scheduled Updates to the #1 Ranked Construction Management Software

Engineered to provide the industry’s best ROI, the ConstructionOnline Team continually invests in clients success by releasing regular updates & new features to the award-winning construction management software, including - 


  • New Auto-Shift™ Mode added to OnPlan™ Scheduling. When Auto-Shift Mode is enabled, marking a task as complete automatically updates the end date of the task to the current date. This function serves to further streamline construction schedule management and improve the accuracy of schedule records. 
    • The toggle for Auto-Shift Mode can be found at the top of the schedule view and within the schedule options.


  • Non-Admin Company Users with “Can View, Edit, and Delete” permissions can successfully assign the “Related Project” for recorded Certificates and/or Permits. 
    • Only Projects the Non-Admin Company User has permissions to access will populate as available options for the “Related Project” field.


  • Improved system logic regarding the use of the Enter/Return key in key text input fields (i.e. “Description”) so that the use of the Enter/Return key consistently creates a new line of text in these fields. 


  • Enhanced access to Daily Logs from Redline Pins. Now, clicking on a Redline Pin to access a Daily Log consistently opens the blade view populated with the Daily Log’s complete details, regardless of the Post Date of the Daily Log. 


  • Company Users can now choose whether or not to include draft RFIs in the RFI Log Report. An additional option has been added to the Report Settings, and enabling this option will populate draft RFIs created by that user to the RFI Log Report.
    • The report will not include draft RFIs created by other users. 


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