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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of January 29, 2024

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of January 29, 2024

ConstructionOnline’s power, speed, and vision are made possible by UDA’s dedication to resolving client requests, enhancing existing features routinely, and introducing new tools often. This cycle’s publish includes - 


  • Added new Insurance & Certificate Tracking feature to the “Team Management” section of the Left Sidebar. This feature is built to track:
    • Insurance Policies
    • Licenses 
    • Bonds
    • Certifications 


  • Added additional filters to the RFI Summary Report:
    • Filter by Author 
    • Filter by Recipient
    • Filter by Assigned Resource
    • Filter by Complexity


  • Added an Internal Notes field within the Details tab of Selection Choices which enables Company Users to record internal notes for organizational and tracking purposes 
  • Confirmed that when editing an Approved Selection Choice’s Description the Selection Choice’s Approver is no longer replaced with the user editing the Description 
  • Verified duplicating a Selection Choice correctly duplicates the Model Number, UPC, and SKU fields in all instances


  • Optimized back-end loading sequence for Invoices, improving speed by 75% within both OnCost™ Estimating and Invoicing 


  • Added an alert message triggered when users attempt to integrate Projects that have a Scope of Work exceeding the maximum character allowance (around 4,000 characters) with QuickBooks Online 
    • Users are now prompted to send a truncated Scope of Work that falls below the maximum character amount or to cancel the integration. This prevents the integration from silently failing.


  • Updated styling, formatting, and functionality of Schedule scrollbars to increase the target area without adding visual bulk and add the ability to click on any area of the scrollbar to scroll the schedule 
  • Ensured newly created blank schedules remain available within OnPlan Scheduling and do not disappear after reloading or navigating away from the page 
  • Confirmed the ResourceTrak™ overlay displays in all instances 


  • Confirmed that when Company Contacts log into ConstructionOnline from the CO™ Mobile App their Status within the Company Employees table is updated from “Invite Sent” to “Manage Permissions” 
  • Verified ampersands appear as “&” within the First Name, Last Name, and Display Name fields of the Contact Details modal


  • Updated system logic in response to a Google Chrome browser update that temporarily disabled certain modals if users had the McAfee WebAdvisor browser extension installed 


  • Ensured notifications send when users upload multiple PDFs as a new, single set 


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