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ConstructionOnline Publish Report for the Week of July 1, 2024

ConstructionOnline Weekly Publish Report for the Week of July 1, 2024 | Construction Management Software | Software Updates | Update Notes

UDA continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction management platform, including -


  • Introduced new “Ready-to-Start” email notification for Schedule Tasks
    • From within the “Schedule Options” for any given Schedule, users can enable the option to “Send Ready-to-Start email notifications.” Enabling this option triggers automated email notifications to be sent to tasks’ Assigned Resources when all required Task Predecessors have been marked “Complete.”
      • “Ready-to-Start” email notification options are specific to the individual schedule, apply to any Schedule Task or Milestone, and are only triggered by updates to the items’ completion. 
        • When a single task has multiple predecessors, email notifications will only be sent once all of the predecessor tasks are marked “complete.”
        • When a single predecessor has multiple dependent tasks, email notifications will be sent for each dependent task when the predecessor is marked as “complete.”
  • Added option for users to "lock" Schedule Columns in place
    • Exclusively available in the List View for Schedules, this new option allows users to pin columns to the Schedule List View, keeping key data visible at all times. 
    • Locked columns are moved to the left side of the Schedule List View, while unlocked columns remain accessible on the right side of the Schedule List View where scrolling capabilities streamline data navigation. 
    • “Lock Column” option now available from Show/Hide Columns window


  • Established that Default Item Settings are applied consistently across all instances, specifically when there may be any Markup Settings included in Default Item Settings that contradict existing Classification Markup Settings. Default Item Settings are given precedence. 


  • Verified that the Paid to Date Report handles Company Overhead & Margin accordingly for Invoices with prorated Company Overhead & Margin. Users will find that the Total Cost column on the Paid-to-Date Report will correspond to the data displayed within the associated Estimate. 
    • Note: Choosing to prorate values in financial calculations can cause penny discrepancies in rare instances due to rounding. Learn more about Financial Rounding in ConstructionOnline here


  • Enhanced responsiveness of the “Search” function for Client Selections


  • Updated reminder system for To Dos to ensure that To Do reminders are consistently scheduled for the selected time in all applicable instances. 

  • Confirmed viability of “Delete” functions for To Dos, specifically in instances of To Dos with multiple subtasks. Deleting a To Do also deletes all of the Subtasks associated to the To Do. 


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