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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of March 25, 2024

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of March 25, 2024

Engineered to provide the industry’s best ROI, UDA continually invests in its clients success through regular updates & new features added to the award-winning construction management software, including - 


  • Added a new RFI Reminder system which can be accessed from the “Reminder Settings” option within the three-dot action menu. The new RFI Reminder system is similar to the one implemented for the Permit Tracking and Insurance & Certificate Tracking features where users can:
    • Manage Email Templates - ConstructionOnline provides three default email templates for RFIs that are Overdue, with a Due Date Upcoming, or Due Today; however, companies can use this feature to create and manage an unlimited number of email templates that they wish to be associated with RFIs.
      • Users can customize email templates using the provided text styling/formatting options, add links, and select from additional variable functions which allow companies to insert variables for Contact Name, RFI Number, RFI Subject, Project Name, and/or Due Date in order to expand the utility of the email template. The variable fields will be replaced with the specific information for the RFI and email recipient.
      • Users may alter the default email templates. Default email templates can be restored to their original settings at any time.
    • Set Up Automated Reminders - Users can set up automatic emails that will be sent for open or overdue RFIs. The Status, Email Template, Send Type, Frequency, and Duration can be customized. 


  • Added the ability to “Include Items with Zero Adjusted Cost” on the Estimate vs. Actual Report


  • Added the ability to duplicate Active Projects from the Company Projects table 
    • Archived Projects may not be duplicated.


  • Added the ability to access Default Text Block settings from the Company Settings category of the Company Dropdown Menus


  • Added enhanced backend checkers and error logging for the QuickBooks Online integration as a foundational step for quicker troubleshooting


  • Verified Lead Events that have been marked as Complete display as such on the Company Calendar 


  • Confirmed the Current Cost Basis Estimate cost calculates correctly on client-facing estimates 


  • Ensured Lead Event times are congruous on the Lead Calendar and within the Lead Details modal 
  • Verified Lead Events appearing on the Lead Activity timeline accurately display Lead Event Reminders in all instances 


  • Verified Message signatures format consistently in all instances


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