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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of May 6, 2024

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of May 6, 2024

UDA continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction management platform, including -


  • Added a ‘Search’ bar for the Request for Quote Report estimate table 
  • Added the ability to exclude completed items from Work Order Reports
  • Ensured the Subcontractor Agreement Report generates in all instances


  • Updated how importing/exporting custom values from Excel is handled -
    • Importing a Project with standard custom values (for example “Commercial” for Project Type) will assign the custom value as intended without creating new one 
    • Adding an empty Project with nothing but a name will correctly give it empty or standard values for every field
    • Adding a completely empty Template (name included) will not add a Project to the given company
    • Adding a Project with new custom values in any column past Site Instructions will add that item to the given fields. For instance, putting "Example" in the Project Stage field should add “Example” as a custom value for Project Stage.
    • Inputting a Project with all rows fitted with custom values should return invalid because of fixed categories like Country and Currency


  • Verified creating an RFI from the Mobile App does not send notifications to the creator nor will the action add the creator as a recipient for the RFI 


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