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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of May 8, 2023

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of May 8, 2023

Committed to strengthening the features & functionality of ConstructionOnline™, UDA Technologies routinely releases regular updates, enhancements, and new tools to the award-winning construction management software. Recent additions include - 


  • Added new Companies feature within Company Contacts to facilitate storing & organizing Contacts in Company groups 
    • The Companies tool can be found by navigating to Company > Contacts > Companies 
    • The Companies tool allows ConstructionOnline™ Company Users to create & store information related to the Companies they work with within ConstructionOnline™ as well as create custom Contacts lists for individuals who work for those respective Companies
      • Companies are their own unique data object and are not connected to the Company field present in Contact Details 
      • Contacts assigned to Companies may be assigned a Job Title which is a field specific to the Companies feature that defines the Contact’s relation to the Company group and does not appear with the Contact’s Details 
    • Companies can be created, edited, and removed using the blade that opens from the right-side of the screen (which can be expanded into Full-Screen Mode) or by performing inline edits on the Companies dynamic table 
      • The Companies tool uses many of the same Custom Value fields as other ConstructionOnline™ features (i.e. Trade, Category, etc.), but also contains some fields unique to the Companies tool. Some fields that are specific to the Companies tool, or that have a specific function within Companies, are: 
        • Number of Contacts - Total count of assigned Contacts
        • Company Name - The only required field to create a Company
        • Phone - Specific to the Company
        • Email - Specific to the Company & not a required field as it is with Contacts
        • Primary Contact - Designated from the list of Contacts assigned to the Company
        • Contacts
          • List of Contacts assigned to the Company
          • Contacts can be assigned to multiple Companies
        • Projects - Status and item count of Projects associated with the Company’s Contact
        • Tags - New field debuted with the Companies tool which can be fully customized by assigning existing tags or adding new ones
        • License Number
        • Employer Identification Number
        • Employer Certification Number 
        • Labor Type
        • Labor Union Name
    • As a part of the release of the new Companies tool, users will also notice the Contacts feature has been restructured
      • The following “views” are now available when navigating to Company > Contacts: All Contacts, Your Company, ClientLink, TeamLink, and Inactive 


  • Expanded the Latest News blade by adding a new Help & Support tab 
    • Users can access the Help & Support tab by either clicking on the red “Help” button in the top right corner of the screen and choosing “Help & Support” from the dropdown menu OR by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen and choosing the “Help & Support” tab 
    • The Help & Support tab features five options:
      • Live Chat - Opens the Live Chat pop-up 
      • Knowledge Base - Opens a new tab to the ConstructionOnline™ Knowledge Base 
      • Expert Training - Opens the Schedule Training webpage 
      • Email Support - Opens default email application with populated as the email recipient 
      • Phone Support - Displays the Hours of Operation and Contact Information for UDA’s Support Team 


  • Added the option to Include Item Images on Change Order Purchase Order Reports 
    • The Change Order Purchase Order Report can be found by navigating to Financials > Financial Reports > Change Order Reports
    • Within the Details tab of the creation modal, the option to Include Item Image is located underneath Report Options
      • If the Include Item Image option is enabled, the report will display images for Items that have image attachments
      • Images will populate on a secondary row under the related Change Order
  • Ensured that linking Estimate Line Items of “Approved” Change Orders to Estimate Subcategories preserves the status of the Change Order


  • Added the Scope of Work to the Opportunity Overview Details 
  • Added the ability to access Lead Details for an Opportunity’s Related Lead from the Opportunity feature
    • Lead Details can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinked Lead Name in the Opportunities table, in the Opportunities Details widget, or from the Related Lead Details table at the bottom of the Opportunity Overview page 


  • The Delay End indicator now shows the number of workdays between the Delay Start and Delay End when inserting a Delay into a schedule 
  • Confirmed that the ability to expand individual Tasks is not impacted by the Expand/Collapse all Task Groups option 
  • Updated system logic so that the Gantt Chart immediately updates when the Condensed View option is enabled
  • Verified that the Gantt and List Views of long schedules stay synched when users engage Full-Screen Mode


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