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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of October 24, 2022

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of October 24, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction project management platform, including -


  • Added ability to download and print Takeoff Sheets
    • Print Options can be found by selecting the desired Sheets, right-clicking, and selecting “Print” from the dropdown menu
    • Print Options for single Sheets include: 
      • Print Sheet Only: Prints single Sheet with markup 
      • Print Sheet & Report: Prints Sheet with markup, pinned items, and descriptions 
    • Print Options for multiple Sheets include:
      • Print Full Size or Letter-Size Reference 
      • Filter by Resource 
      • Item Types:
        • Makeup & Annotation: Including Public and/or Private Markup 
        • Takeoff Measurements
        • Pinned Items 
  • Users can now switch between making Redline™ Takeoff Measurements and Planroom Markup while viewing a Takeoff Sheet
    • A switch in the top-right corner alternates between Redline™ Takeoff and Planroom drawing modes
  • Sheet Layer controls now appear within a widget in the bottom right of the sheet
    • Sheet Layer controls include:
      • Tab to switch between Takeoff and Markup Layer controls
      • Add Takeoff and/or Markup Layers when viewing a Takeoff Sheet
      • Add Markup Layers when viewing a Redline Sheet
      • Edit or delete Sheets
  • Updated the Stamp Count Tool in Redline™ Takeoff to the same symbol tool used in Planroom
  • Restored ability for Takeoff data to be sent to the Project Estimate


  • Added ability to duplicate Item Issues when duplicating Punch Lists


  • Added the Upload from ConstructionOnline option to the File Upload Modal within Project or Opportunity Files
    • This option allows users to upload files from any Project or Opportunity to any of the File features listed: 
      • My Files
      • Company Files
      • Project Files
        • All Files 
        • ClientLink Files
        • TeamLink Files


  • Updated the Messaging three-dot Action Menu to require a single click to launch
  • Ensured body text populates within Messages in a Draft state in all instances
  • Updated HTML styling appearing in body text


  • Added ability for users to create Purchase Order Reports for Change Orders or Selections
  • Added ability for users to create Current Contract Summaries and OnPoint Proposal Reports for Estimate Templates
  • Updated Reporting features to launch the Report Settings Modal when clicking anywhere on the Report Preview image
  • Added the ability to filter RFQs by resource


  • Verified that Custom Unit values populate within Change Order Reports in all instances
  • Ensured that Change Order values send to QuickBooks Online consistently


  • Confirmed that the “Reply on ConstructionOnline” button within RFI Email Notification emails opens the specified RFI


  • Corrected styling within the Client Selections feature to remove extraneous vertical spacing


  • Added the ability to sign Punch Lists and Checklists from the Mobile App


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