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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of September 12, 2022

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of September 12, 2022

UDA Technologies continues to invest in the speed & stability of ConstructionOnline™ with regular updates, enhancements, and new features added to the award-winning construction project management platform, including -


  • Added Copy and Paste controls to Categories, Subcategories, and Items within the Estimate grid
    • Copy and Paste actions can be triggered by using the right-click dropdown menu or by using the following keyboard shortcuts:
      • Copy: Ctrl + C
        Paste: Ctrl + V
    • Fields must be selected in order to utilize the keyboard shortcuts
    • Fields that have been selected to copy/paste will have a green dashed border drawn around them to signify that they are in the clipboard
    • Pasted fields are duplicated based on the copied fields’ current state 
      • If changes are made to a field after the copy selection is made, the changes are reflected in the pasted instance
    • The clipboard can be cleared using the right-click dropdown menu or the Ctrl + Shift+ Z keyboard shortcut
      • The Clear Keyboard option only appears when fields are selected to copy
      • The Clear Keyboard option in ConstructionOnline™ does not affect the browser or computer’s default clipboard
  • Added ability for Committed vs. Actual Reports to be filtered by Resource


  • Added Company Invoice Settings modal which can be found by clicking the gear action menu at the top right hand corner of the Invoice pane. Options within the Company Invoice Settings modal include:

    • Payment Terms: Company Users can now customize Payment Terms
      • Once set, the due date is not affected by changing or deleting a custom Payment Term from the settings menu. Changing the Payment Term when editing an Invoice will update the Payment Term.
    • Payment Address: Company Users can add the payment address that will appear on Invoices
    • Tax Visibility: Company Users can choose to Show Tax Breakdown or Hide Tax Breakdown on printed Invoices
      • The default option is set to Show Tax Breakdown
    • Email Templates: Company Users can create and customize the message that appears when manually emailing Invoices or sending automated reminders for upcoming/outstanding Invoices 
      • ConstructionOnline™ provides three default emails that can be customized
    • Automated Reminders: Company Users can now set up automated emails for upcoming or overdue Invoices 
      • These reminders use the Email Templates created within the Company Invoice Setting modal
  • Updated the Create New Invoice modal to a creation wizard. New steps to Create a New Invoice include: 
    • Choose Invoice Type: Choose whether to create an Invoice from the Project Estimate or for an Approved Change Order
    • Invoice Details: Includes new options like setting Payment Terms
    • Invoice Items: Includes new View Options 
    • Attachments: Choose to add/remove file attachments to the new Invoice 


  • Increased the size of the Redline™ Canvas area for all subsequent sheet uploads to improve sheet resolution, detailed markup, and the performance of text-based tool
  • Ensured the Multi-Select Tool functions in all instances 


  • Confirmed Change Order Actuals are correctly allocated when generating the TrueVision™ Profit Report
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