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ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of September 18, 2023

ConstructionOnline™ Publish Report for the Week of September 18, 2023

As a part of providing cutting-edge construction management software, UDA releases regular updates, enhancements, and new features to its award-winning construction management platform—ConstructionOnline™. Recent additions to the platform include - 


  • New Milestone Timeline blade which displays a scrollable timeline of Schedule Milestones for Project Scheduling & Multi-Project Scheduling 
    • The new Milestone Timeline blade can be engaged from:
      • Multi-Project Scheduling by right-clicking on the desired Schedule from the List or Gantt View and choosing the “Milestone Timeline” option,
      • Project Scheduling by clicking the gray three-dot action menu in the top right-hand corner and choosing the “Milestone Timeline” option,
      • Or by clicking the vertical timeline icon on the right side of the Multi-Project Scheduling or Scheduling page.
    • The Milestone Timeline blade displays the selected Schedule’s Start & End Dates, all of the Schedule’s Milestones, and “Time Skips” for any periods of time where there is not a scheduled Milestone for more than 30 days all along vertical timeline.
      • Please note: If the Schedule is not long enough to fill the height of the blade, extra months will be added to the end of the Timeline to fill the blade.
    • Milestones can be marked Complete or Incomplete from within the Timeline blade by selecting or deselecting the checkmark icon next to the desired Milestone.
      • Please note: Only users with “Can Create, Edit, & Delete” permissions can mark Milestones Complete or Incomplete within the Timeline blade.
    • Additionally, the selected Schedule is responsive to the Milestone Timeline meaning clicking Milestones from the Timeline will scroll the Schedule to the selected Milestone and/or selecting a different Schedule while the Timeline blade is open within Multi-Project Scheduling will initiate the blade to update the data displayed for the selected Schedule


  • Added a new Dates Ordered/Delivered Report under Change Order Reports which generates a list of ordered, expected, and delivered dates for Approved Change Orders 
    • The following options are available when customizing the Dates Ordered/Delivered Report - 
      • Details
        • Project Selector 
        • Filters 
          • Order/Delivery Status 
          • Trade
          • Type
          • Reason 
          • Assigned Resource
        • Date Type/Range 
          • Date Type: Choose from Ordered, Expected, or
          • Date Range 
          • Sort Dates From: Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest 
          • Start Date
          • End Date
      • Display Columns
        • Cost
        • Status
        • Ordered
        • Expected 
        • Delivered
    • Default Text Block Options
    • Header & Footer Options


  • Added the option to “Create Schedule from Estimate” within the Estimating three-dot action menu 


  • Updated how Cost Codes display in the Hours from Work Logs export to Excel
    • Cost Codes now include the complete Cost Code, including any portion of the Cost Code that is part of the organizational hierarchy. This means that Cost Codes will always include the coded portion of any Category and Subcategory to which they belong (if applicable).
      • For example: If a Work Log is assigned a NAHB Cost Code of 1000 Preparation Preliminaries > 1010 Building Permits, then the Cost Code is listed on the Excel document as “1000-1010 Building Permits” to reflect the Cost Code Category (1000) and Subcategory (1010). 


  • Ensured that all active Companies populate in all instances, specifically in those where a Contact was deleted that was a part of a Company Contact


  • Confirmed that the Project Team List Report prints in all instances when launched from Project dropdown 


  • Verified only users with “Can Add & Update Plans” or “Can Add, Update, & Delete Plans” Redline permissions are able to start new Takeoffs


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