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ConstructionOnline Submittals Streamline Project Communication

Recent enhancements to Submittals in ConstructionOnline have made it easier than ever for construction firms around the world to effectively manage project communications. In Submittals, ConstructionOnline Company Employees will now see – 

  • New Field to Assign Submitter:
    Contacts assigned in the Submitter field are asked to approve the Submittal to trigger Approval Requests, whether Parallel or Sequential.
  • New Draft Status for Submittals:
    Beyond Open and Closed, the “Draft” status allows Company Employees to begin work on Submittals, prior to sharing with Submitters or Approvers.
  • New “Ball-in-Court” Tracking:
    On the Submittal Summary, this helpful icon flags the Contact who needs to take the next action in the chain of communication.
  • New Submittal Report Filters:
    Submittal Reports are now able to be filtered by Type & Discipline, custom fields added to Submittals with the release of ConstructionOnline 2019.

The recent enhancements to Submittals in ConstructionOnline further the action-oriented nature of the communication tool, and further improve project tracking & recording keeping functions to ensure quality project management on all jobs. 

Submittals were first released to ConstructionOnline in 2016 and continue to be one of the most popular features for clients working with ConstructionOnline Commercial. To learn more about ConstructionOnline, contact a Product Consultant at 1-800-700-8321.

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