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ConstructionOnline Unveils Client-Driven Updates to Project Selections

In response to valuable client feedback, UDA is proud to announce two impactful updates made to ConstructionOnline—the industry’s leading construction management software. Latest enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s Client Selections feature include the option to Show Selection “Tax Breakdown” on the All Selections Report and an interface update to ensure the “Show More” button displays consistently on all Selection Choice cards. 

ConstructionOnline's All Selections Report generates a summary of all allowances and selections available for an individual project. The option to Show Selection “Tax Breakdown” on the All Selections Report provides construction companies with an extra, optional layer of detail displaying tax information. This additional reporting option supports construction companies’ ability to generate and share clear, accurate financial reports for their construction projects.

Additionally, the ConstructionOnline Product Team has updated particular styling & formatting for the Selections interface, specifically the cards which display available Selection Choices. This update to the Selection Choice Cards ensures access to the “Show More” button for each Selection Choice, making it easier for construction teams to navigate and manage construction selection sheets.

As a leader in construction management software for over 20 years, UDA ConstructionOnline places great value on feature requests and feedback submissions received directly from clients. The team as a whole understands the importance of being able to identify, prioritize, and resolve client requests in a timely fashion to increase customer satisfaction and overall use of the system. 

Lianna Mackie, General Manager of Ottawa's Mackie Homes and avid user of ConstructionOnline, was one of several clients who had requested these recent updates to ConstructionOnline's Client Selections. Mackie had this to say when notified of the Selections' enhancements:

"You guys are so awesome. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my feedback and implement it...that has made my day!"

With consistent attention to feedback and requests submitted by clients, UDA ConstructionOnline continues to deliver exceptional value to its client base by reducing project delays, improving team collaboration, and enhancing overall project outcomes. Regular updates to ConstructionOnline are published weekly. All updates, enhancements, and new features included in each weekly publish are shared in the Weekly Publish Reports which can be found alongside other latest news in the ConstructionOnline Newsroom


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